How I Met Your Mother Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Lily Or Robin?

Which one of these fiesty ladies said it?


The cast of How I Met Your Mother may have been slightly dominated more by male leads, but it was made up for by the strength of the prime characters Lily Aldrin and Robin Scherbatsky. They were two ladies who could be so opposite, yet so similar in their characteristics.

Having been friends with Ted Mosby since college and in a power couple with Marshall Eriksen, Lily was often the glue which held the gang together. After struggling to figure out what she wanted to do in life, Lily realised she had it all with her husband and her occupation as a Kindergarten teacher.

Meanwhile, Robin started off as a bit of an outsider of the group, who was headstrong and career driven, but she found her place within the gang and became a valued friend of each and every one of them. Her life wasn't always the easiest - dealing with heartbreak in her relationships and finding out she can never have children - but she got her deserved happy ending eventually.

Neither of them were perfect, but they were always loyal and beloved by their friends.

Can you tell which of them said these following quotes?

1. "To Ted, The Youngest Architect Ever To Design A Building Over 70 Stories... Probably!"


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