How I Met Your Mother: The Hardest Barney Stinson Quiz Ever!

Only LEGENDARY Barney fans need apply.


What does a great sitcom character need? Legendary one-liners, a personality to sway women, friendships beyond belief and a one in a million identity. Hold on! We already have one of those legends. Barney... wait for it... Stinson.

The king of pickup lines, the creator of the best playbook, the ultimate womaniser and the king of some of the best catchphrases in sitcom history. Ted may have been looking for the one all along but over the course of 9 seasons, 208 episodes and 5 doppelgangers, Barney was the one we found.

The unique, hilarious character gave us a million reasons to laugh out loud. More unique was the never-ending list of women he slept with, dated and never called. It's hard to remember all of his stories with women and all the awesome things we learned about him but true How I Met Your Mother fans might disagree.

So don't WAIT FOR IT and say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED cause this quiz is going to be LEGENDARY.

Tell us how you did in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end!

1. According To Barney, In Which Year Did Baranabus Stinson Write The Legendary Book “The Bro Code”?


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