How I Met Your Mother: The Impossible Characters Quiz

How well do you really remember the characters on HIMYM?

How I Met Your Mother Amy

After nine incredible seasons of How I Met Your Mother, the adventures of Marshall, Lily, Ted, Barney and Robin came to an end in 2014. Yes, it has been a little over eight years since we finally found out who Ted went on to marry and become the mother of his children.

While many fans would say that the ending was rather disappointing, 100% of them would agree that the rest of the journey was a spectacular one.

After a whopping 208 episodes, it's definitely fair to say that we were introduced to a lot of characters. Whether it was work colleagues, or the many, many women Barney Stinson "dated", it would take only the most hardcore HIMYM fans to be able to remember all of them.

While this quiz doesn't include EVERY character who appeared, it does include fifteen characters that maybe only appeared in a handful of episodes. The question is, how many can you correctly identify?

Only a true How I Met Your Mother fan will score full marks on this quiz!

1. Who Is This?


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