How I Met Your Mother: The Impossible Ted Mosby True Or False Quiz

Only the Mosby Boys could get 100% on this one!

How I Met Your Mother Ted

Ted Mosby - the hopeless romantic at the centre of How I Met Your Mother's saga. It's Ted's journey that we continuously follow throughout the show.

From an instant love for one of his best friends to enjoying the single life of New York City, from a jilted marriage to finding the woman of his dreams at his best friends wedding, we see the highs and lows of Ted's life as he embarks on a quest to find 'the one'.

We also learn a lot about Ted's background, as well as his life either side of the show too, and with over 200 episodes of How I Met Your Mother to process, there's a lot to take in. Unless you're a serious hardcore fan of Ted Mosby, it's unlikely you'd be able to list everything about him in a single sitting!

So how much can you remember about the main man at the heart of this iconic sitcom? Could you tell which of these statements about Teddy Westside are true or false? You'll never get 100%- if you do, you're a real expert...

1. Ted Wanted 45 Extra Days With The Mother


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