How I Met Your Mother: The Impossible Tracy McConnell Quiz

Not even the biggest How I Met Your Mother fan can get every question right on this quiz!

How I Met Your Mother Tracy

How I Met Your Mother chronicled the story of Ted Mosby telling his two future children about his rocky love life leading up to finally meeting his other half. And for almost the entire show, the true identity of the titular mother was kept under wraps.

Red herrings and obscure hints as to who she really was popped up now and again, but the writers and cast were tight-lipped as to when we would finally get to see her in person. And it's safe to say that Tracy McConnell was worth the wait.

A talented musician, funny, smart - she was everything that Ted, and the audience, had been waiting for. Even though season nine's overall quality is disputed among the fanbase for a variety of reasons, Tracy is almost universally adored and that's exactly how it should be.

But how much can you remember about the Mother herself? What did she study at college? Which member of the Gang did she meet first? And what colour was that famous umbrella of hers?

Read on to see if you can claim your title as the ultimate Tracy McConnell fan.

1. In What Episode Does Tracy Fully Appear On Screen For The First Time?


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