How I Met Your Mother: The Practically Impossible Ted Mosby Quiz

How well do you remember Doctor X?

How I Met Your Mother Ted

It has been over sixteen years since Ted Mosby began telling his two children the story of how he met their mother.

It's safe to say that over the course of the shows nine seasons, we got to know Theodore Mosby pretty well. We found out that his dating life was definitely a one most people would rather forget - from crazy Jeanette to being left at the altar, he didn't have it easy over the years. However, his friendship group was definitely we would all go on to want in our own lives.

Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin were Ted's closet friends. The journey to meeting the mother of Ted's children definitely wouldn't be the same without this wonderful, and at times insane, group of friends.

Today however, we are focusing solely on the one and only Ted Mosby. How well do you remember his wild and wonderful journey? Can you remember his full dating history? Can you remember his college years? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

How well can you score on this practically impossible Ted Mosby quiz?

1. Who Left Ted At The Altar In Season 4?


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