How I Met Your Mother: The Toughest Marshall Eriksen True Or False Quiz

How much do you really know about Big Fudge?

How I Met Your Mother Marshall

How I Met Your Mother ran from 2005 to 2014, and focused mainly on the life of Ted Mosby and his friends in New York. As a framework, Ted tells his son and daughter about the events that led him to meet their mother.

Known for its unique structure, humour, and incorporation of dramatic elements, How I Met Your Mother was well-liked throughout its run. The show initially received positive reviews, while later seasons were a little more criticised.

Although almost eight years have passed since the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, fans still miss watching Lily and Marshall's relationship grow, Barney's crazier than crazy antics, Robin's stories about Canada, and Ted's dramas about his love life.

Marshall, who is one of the most relatable characters on the show, had many quirky moments. He was the ideal husband and father, and beloved friend who was always full of great and romantic advice. He was strong and athletic, yet he had a warm, sensitive side too.

Let's find out how much you remember about the environmental lawyer. Can you ace this true or false quiz that even Lily would struggle with?

1. Marshall Cannot Grow A Mustache.


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