How I Met Your Mother: The Ultimate Episode Quiz

How well do you remember the titles of the How I Met Your Mother episodes?

How I Met Your Mother

If you find yourself watching a love story spanning eights years, narrated by a handsome young architect by the name of Ted Mosby, then you stumbled across the remarkable sitcom that is How I Met Your Mother.

Ted deliberately misled his children and the audience alike, who were all ready to see his happily ever after. We watched nine seasons with 208 episodes to find out that the Mother is no longer alive and Robin, the outsider from the Pilot, is the one to make the final bid for the Architect of Destruction’s heart.

Some fans were disappointed with the final, others rooted for Ted and Robin, and the majority were simply grieving that it had all come to an end. But the iconic show doesn't end with the final episode.

Let’s see how attentive you were listening to Ted’s story. Are you familiar with all the pages of his life? Can you correctly identify which of the following episode titles are real and which ones are fake? Let's find out in this ultimate episode quiz!

1. Purple Giraffe


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