How I Met Your Mother: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Barney Stinson Quotes Quiz

This quiz is im... wait for it...possible!


"Barney Stinson! Barney Stinson! That guy's awesome!"

Those are the lyrics to Barney Stinson's very own song about himself and, let's be honest, he isn't wrong, is he? Barney is the suave suit-wearing, whisky-drinking, cigar-smoking, ladies-man who would light up the scene whenever he'd walk through the door. Whether it be his iconic catchphrases or his outrageous plays to try and seduce unassuming women, Barney was one of the main reasons why How I Met Your Mother has gone down as one of the best sitcoms in history.

Like most iconic TV characters, Stinson has a plethora of memorable catchphrases and comments that have been quoted across the world since the mid 2000s. Who among us doesn't say "Suit Up!" when getting ready for a special occasion?

During 9 seasons of the hilarious show, Barney has had a lot of memorable moments but just how well do you remember them? Do you remember the niche comments, the witty one-liners and the outrageous sayings that made this character one of the most loveable and quotable in recent TV history?

If you do, then please, let rip a loud "Challenge accepted!" and get your teeth into filling in the gaps of these hilarious Barney Stinson quotes.

1. "When I Get Sad. I Stop Being Sad And Be ______ Instead."


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