How I Met Your Mother: You'll Never Get 100% On This Barney Quiz

Suit up!


Sitcom heroes come and go, but it takes a special kind of character to be as seemingly unlikeable but deeply, irresistibly charming as Barney Stinson. Over the course of How I Met Your Mother's run, the suit-loving fantasist revealed himself to have way more layers than ever seemed possible and as well as being hilarious and eminently quotable, he showed a vulnerable side that made him one of How I Met Your Mother's most loved characters.

Sure, he didn't quite get the happy ending some fans had hoped for, but you always get the sense that Barney would land on his feet. He was, after all, absolutely committed to being legendary and looking awesome as he did it.

But how well do you know the show's biggest rogue element? Could you pick out his exes? Do you know all about his posters in his office? Do you know the mysteries of his dark, tragic past? Let's see with a very difficult Barney quiz only true fans will get anywhere near full marks in.

Answers at the end!

1. Where Did Barney First Meet Ted In 2001?

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