How I Met Your Mother: You'll Never Get 100% On This Ted Mosby Quiz

How well do you know HIMYM's most important character?


Naturally, Ted Mosby is the absolute heart of everything in How I Met Your Mother. I mean, of course he is - he's the actual "I" of the title and it's his quest to meet the mother of his kids that drives the over-arching narrative.

Sure the other characters have their own stories - and are often more entertaining than him at times - but if we didn't care about Ted's life and his adventures in love and work and his dynamic with his friends, we'd never have committed to the show at all. And HIMYM would never have gone on to become one of CBS' most popular shows of all time.

We watched Ted search for "the one" through idealism, heartbreak and false starts across almost a decade and while some hated the ending, it was hard not to feel like Ted ended up in the right place.

But just how closely we you watching the show? Only true fans will know all of this about Ted, that's for sure...

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Ted's Middle Name?

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