How Well Do You Know Netflix TV Shows?

Do you know Stranger Things from Mindhunter?


Netflix, keeps us company on those dark evenings of Winter. A beacon of light in our living rooms when the sun sets early. Those long cold nights aren't the same without a good tv series to come home to.

Most of us have spent an evening (or even a weekend) glued to the television, bingeing on Netflix's latest series offering. The thrill of seeing your favourite show has a brand new series and the sadness of realising you have consumed it all in a 72 hour period. There's no need to worry though, there's always another show waiting to be watched.

Netflix has a show for everyone. True crime fans will be happy to enjoy The Keepers. Those who love a teenage drama will become lost in the lives of Archie and Betty in Riverdale, whilst if you like something horrifying then The Haunting of Hill House could be your show.

With so many great things to catch, how well do you ACTUALLY know Netflix's tv shows. We've put together that will sort who "rules" and who "sucks". Will you fall foul of Count Olaf or become the next GLOW champion? All you have to do is identify which tv show the image is from.

Good luck and let us know how you did in the comments section below.

1. Name This TV Show


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