How Well Do You Know The Simpson Family?

"Marriage is like a coffin, and each kid is another nail."


Is there a more recognisable face on TV than Homer Simpson? For almost 30 years, Homer has been entertaining the world over with his wacky antics, countless new jobs, and hilarious adventures.

While he is undoubtedly the centre of the Simpsons world, he is not alone. Surrounded by Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, Homer is part of one of the most dysfunctional families in all of television.

From regularly strangling his 10 year old son, to the heart-warming reason why there are no pictures of Maggie in the house, it is clear that Mr. Simpson loves his family, but how much do you know about the Simpsons?

Almost 30 years has given us so much insight into the family, how much do you actually remember?

1. What Association Is Grampa The President Of?


This standard nerd combines the looks of Shaggy with the brains of Scooby, has an unhealthy obsession with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is a firm believer that Alter Bridge are the greatest band in the world.