How Well Do You Remember The First Season Of Vikings?

Test your knowledge of the first chapter in the onscreen saga of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Vikings Poster
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Viking sagas are, literally, the stuff of legend. Tales of epic battles and of gods weaving the lives of men like thread in a loom.

Among those stories is the tale of Ragnar Lothbrok, a warrior destined for glory as he became the scourge of England and France by leading the Viking hordes to battle.

While his life as a farmer, and occasional pillager and raider, is a fairly comfortable one by the standards of the Eighth century, the seeds of a greater purpose were already sown in his mind. Not really surprising for a man who claimed to be from the same bloodline of the All-Father himself, the mythical and mighty Odin.

But every story has to start somewhere. So, while Vikings would last for six seasons on the small screen, this quiz is all about those very first steps in Ragnar's journey.

Just how much do you remember about the first season of this historical fantasy drama? Why not take this quiz to test the mettle of your mind and see if it is as sharp as the blade of Ragnar's Axe.

1. In Which Year Did Vikings Premiere?


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