Impossible How I Met Your Mother Quiz - Are You A True Fan?

Only the real experts need apply...


There are fans of How I Met Your Mother and then there are experts. But given how beloved the show was and how much it encouraged fans to rewatch it over and over (partly thanks to the details it hid in there), those two groups often overlapped.

Do you know every poster in Barney's office? Do you know all of the rules of Marshgammon? Could you name all of Ted's girlfriends? Well, you're in the right place, because only true expert fans will get anywhere near 100% in this fiendishly hard quiz.

Over the course of 9 seasons and 208 episodes, we saw the five friends (and some key supporting ones) grow together, love together and hurt together and it would be fair to say that we grew to be more than just fans. But how much of that love translates into knowledge about the show? Because you're going to need it.

Share your results in the comments thread once you've made it through.

Answers at the end!

1. Which Character Fails To Talk Their Way Out Of A Speeding Ticket?


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