Invincible Quiz: You'll Never Be Able To Name 100% Of These Characters

You may know The Guardians of the Globe but can you name any of them?

Invincible Allen

In 2003, Robert Kirkman, who's best-known for devising The Walking Dead, created a comic series called Invincible.

The story centres around a human-alien hybrid called Mark Grayson who obtains superpowers on his 17th birthday. Taking on the name, Invincible, Mark decides to follow in the footsteps of his father, who happens to be the world's greatest superhero, Omniman. At first, Mark couldn't be more excited to work alongside his dad to safeguard the planet. But as Mark struggles to tell friend from foe, he realises playing superhero is far harder than he ever imagined.

The comic was a massive success and was adapted into an Amazon series in 2021, which also received universal praise. Not only does it have astounding action, hilarious dialogue, and a fantastic premise, it has a plethora of intriguing characters, many of whom are portrayed by Hollywood A-listers.

However, one could argue the show has too many characters! From the get-go, you are dumped into a world (or worlds) chock-a-blocked full of superheroes, supervillains, robots, demons, cyborgs, and aliens. You are introduced to new people so often, it's nearly impossible to remember who is who. Even if you've read all 144 issues (as well as the spin-offs), you're guaranteed to draw a blank at some of these characters in this Invincible quiz.

1. Who Is This?


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