Iron Fist: 10 Best Moments

10. Scythe's Karaoke Bar Massacre


Arguably the season's very best episode was its sixth installment, directed by martial arts enthusiast and Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA, who mined a ton of over-the-top fun out of Danny (Finn Jones) facing off against a fleet of The Hand's most fierce warriors.

The ludicrously entertaining pre-title sequence features an hilarious interlude where assassin Scythe (David Sakurai) has slaughtered a number of men in a Japanese karaoke bar. He then maniacally sings along to A-ha's "Take On Me" before strangling the one remaining mark with the microphone cord.

It feels incredibly comic book-y, as is more than can be said for much of the show, and is simply an awesome way to introduce a tenacious new threat.

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