Iron Fist Season 2: 19 Easter Eggs & References Explained

That Age of Ultron link though...

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Iron Fist's second season was by no means a great ten hours of television, but it did at least show improvement over its turgid prior offering, while setting up a number of compelling plot strands and mysteries for season three.

Also, like every single Marvel Netflix show, it gave keen-eyed fans plenty of slyly hidden visual gags to look out for, along with some seemingly innocuous one-liners that actually referred to wider aspects of Marvel lore and pop-culture in general.

Though the shortened episode order naturally meant that Iron Fist's second go-around wasn't quite as jam-packed with Easter eggs and references as a typical Defenders season, it still nodded playfully at the fast-expanding universe it resides within, while introducing classic elements of comic book lore alongside some sneakier names and faces only the most hardcore fans would dare catch.

And the biggest surprise of all? The season included one direct narrative link to the mainline MCU that was, shockingly enough, pretty damn great. Fancy that...

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