Is Lauren Cohan Leaving The Walking Dead?

Farewell, Maggie?

The Walking Dead Maggie Poster

It looks like there's a good chance of Lauren Cohan now leaving The Walking Dead, with the actress signing on for the lead role in a new ABC pilot.

The news, which comes from TV Line, follows on from a few weeks of speculation about Cohan being in a contractual dispute with AMC, with the actress yet to commit to signing on for Season 9 of the hit zombie show. She was reportedly fielding several offers and has now taken one to star in Whiskey Cavalier, an action-dramedy about an FBI agent and CIA operative working together.

TWD showrunner Scott Gimple had already admitted that, while he was hopeful of Cohan re-signing, there was a possibility of her departing, saying "these things do happen in TV." That was before the ABC news, which only increases the chances of her leaving - or at least, will do if it's picked up to series, which we'll know for sure in May.

It's feasible that Cohan could do both shows, but the likelihood in that case would be that she'd only have a recurring part on The Walking Dead. AMC don't want their series regulars starring elsewhere - as we saw with Sasha's departure after Sonequa Martin-Green landed the lead role in Star Trek: Discovery. That'd be a shame because, while not always put at the centre of the show, Maggie has been a big part of things since Season 2 and had a great character arc in the last couple of years as she's grown into a leader while losing Glenn.

With The Walking Dead having killed off another of its long-running favourites, along with Morgan heading off to Fear, they could do with keeping Maggie around for Season 9. It may all be worked out, but it's not looking so good right now.

Do you hope AMC can convince Cohan to stick around? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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