It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Which Of The Gang Said Which Quote?

Do you know the members of The Gang well enough to know who said what?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

With the premiere of Season 15 less than a month away, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has become one of the most critically acclaimed comedies currently on TV, giving us insanely funny quotes such as "Well, first of all, through God, all things are possible, so jot that down" and "I eat stickers all the time, dude!".

The Gang consisting of Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank are some of the funniest characters on TV, so much so that listing down all of the hilarious things they've said and done would be an impossible feat to do in one go.

The show has made its viewers laugh so much with its hysterical dialogue — how well do you remember The Gang and all the funny things they've said? Can you correctly guess most, if not all, of which member said which quote in this quiz?

Test your knowledge on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and take this quiz to see how well you remember the show's quotes and which character said which one!

1. "So You Saw Me Eat That Hot Pocket I Found In The Garbage?"


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