It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 10 Best Characters Who Appeared After Season One

9. Da' Maniac

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Maureen Ponderosa

Played by the late, great wrestling legend, Roddy Piper, Da' Maniac makes his first appearance in season five in The Gang Wrestles For The Troops. In a bizarre statement of patriotism, Charlie convinces the gang to put on a show in respect for the armed forces.

This ties in nicely with Dee's storyline of starting an online romance with a soldier who is returning from his tour, which we will get to in a later entry. Looking to add some legitimacy to their show, Dennis, Charlie and Mac head to a local wrestling show headlined by Da' Maniac. They convince him to attend the show, but on the big day, he is arrested for unpaid parking tickets.

Clearly unstable after years of in-ring injuries, Da' Maniac returns in season nine in Mac And Dennis Buy A Timeshare, where he accidently gets himself wrapped up in the pyramid scheme, Invigaron. After also misunderstanding Dennis and Mac's sales pitch for a timeshare opportunity and moving in with them, it turns out that Da' Maniac has quickly become the top salesman for the scheme.

Hilariously, the gang had just signed over their sales flow to the scheme leader (who is excellent as well.) With Piper's passing in 2015, we will, sadly, never get to see Da' Maniac return.


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