It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - 10 Funniest Dennis Reynolds Moments

Fall to your knees for you are in the presence of a God. The Golden God!

it's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Making Dennis Reynolds A Murderer

As the longest-running sitcom of all time, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is based around five of the greatest comic creations in modern TV history.

The gang are united by being, for the most part, awful people, but over the fourteen seasons they have grown into their own, unique characters. None more so than TV's greatest psychopath: Dennis Reynolds.

Handsome, charming and, by some way, the most intelligent of the group, Dennis' evolution over the course of IASIP's run has been incredible. Starting out almost as the straight man of the show, he was just a handsome guy trying his best to run a successful pub. But over the years, a chilling dark side has emerged to laugh out loud levels of crazy.

From his delusions of grandeur, to the very likely possibility of being a serial killer, Dennis has some of the greatest moments and killer lines in the show. Played expertly by Glenn Howerton, the craft and care he has taken in developing Dennis is exceptional, and how he hasn't been nominated for any awards for his performance is mystifying.

Throughout his descent into madness, there have been some unbelievable moments along the way. Be warned, some of these moments and videos are not for the easily offended. Just saying.

10. His Suburban Breakdown

One of Dennis's funniest and also scariest characteristics is the explosive rage that simmers mere millimetres from the surface. For a man who prides himself on being the coolest man in the room, it takes very little for him to lose his sh*t completely.

Never is this more apparent than in Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs from season eleven. Due to not finding an apartment that suits their tastes on their budget, the two move to a lovely house in the middle of an idyllic suburb. Due to a ridiculous bet made with Frank, the two of them have to stay for year.

Needless to say, things begin to take their toll on Dennis. With his traffic-filled commute, lack of sleep and repetitive dinners, Dennis begins to slowly unravel. Things begin going down a very similar path to The Shining, with Dennis dreaming of hurting people.

Whilst at the end of the episode the duo break, and thus, have to sleep with an old man for a year (see, the bet was ridiculous), this episode is a glorious showcase of Dennis's unhinged rage.

And spare a thought for poor Wally. All he wanted to do was talk about the weather.


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