It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Or Community Quiz: Who Said It Frank Reynolds Or Pierce Hawthorne?

Which foul talking, old aged, resident money man said it?

Frank Reynolds and Pierce Hawthorne

There are plenty of sitcoms that like to chuck a wacky older member into the main cast. Throwing someone in with a little bit of experience can bring a much-needed dynamic to a show, especially if they're friendly, wholesome characters. Well, this diabolical pairing run with that idea but drag it in an entirely different direction.

Both Community and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia found success thanks to their rejection of traditional sitcom tropes. By going against the grain, they managed to make something fresh and exciting, and two characters who capture that perfectly are Frank and Pierce.

These guys are the kind of people you'd want to steer clear from when hanging out with your buddies, as their lack of self-awareness, use of profanity and politically incorrect viewpoints are sure to leave you red in the face with embarrassment.

They have said some incredibly memorable (and awful) things during their times, so much so that it can be easy to see them blend into each other. With that being said, are you enough of an expert to sort the Hawthorne Wipes from Paddy's Pub?

1. "I Was Never One To Hold A Grudge. My Father Held Grudges. I'll Always Hate Him For That."


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