It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Can You Match The Character To The Actor?

Too difficult? That's your problem. Welcome to Philly!

Gail The Snail It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It is sometimes hard to believe that the debauched masterpiece that is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been going for seventeen years; a whole generation of fans have literally grown up with the critically acclaimed comedy.

Much like Dee or Charlie whenever they get up on a stage, many shows begin to fail and bomb and gag - and fail and bomb - when they carry on for too long; look no further than the smouldering wreckage that was once The Walking Dead, as it ambles mindlessly towards the finale of its ELEVENTH season. Even legendary comedy The Office suffered a noticeable drop off in quality when Steve Carrell decided to call it a day.

And somehow, It's Always Sunny strides on like a beautiful gazelle person, effortlessly cruising past the pitfalls that drag down its contemporaries, while never once displaying a dip in the standard of the transcendent dark humour that made the show its universally adored name. It shouldn't be possible, but thanks to the exemplary talents of the show's cast - and much to the delight of the show's cult following - it most definitely is. Speaking of, how many of the aforementioned iconic cast can you remember?

1. Charlie Kelly


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