It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Match Frank Reynolds' Quote To The Episode

The man, the myth, the legend; Frank Reynolds.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Frank Reynolds

To put it frankly (sorry), Frank Reynolds is an enigma.

A hugely successful businessman (due in large part to the resounding success of his sweatshop in Vietnam), Frank could live whatever life he wants to. Most prosperous entrepreneurs would choose to live a life of luxury, with every comfort their hard earned cash could buy. And yet, the gun-toting, drug and alcohol vacuum that is Frank Reynolds eschews such pleasures in favour of a life of depraved squalor, taking great pleasure in imbibing industrial amounts of cat food, urinating into cans and sleeping in the same bed with a man who may or may not be his illegitimate son. As a result, Frank's seemingly endless wads of cash serve only to finance whatever the Gang's latest debauched escapade happens to be.

Over the years Frank has steadily spiralled into new levels of sociopathic degeneracy, making 1990s era Robert Downey Jr. look like a choirboy in comparison. As he does so, the more hilariously iconic his quotes seem to become, to the point where many people who don't even watch It's Always Sunny are familiar with some of Frank's more immortal lines.

How's your recall? Can you match said immortal lines to the episode?

1. “I Don’t Know How Many Years I Got Left On This Planet, I’m Going To Get Real Weird With It.”


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