It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Match The Gang's Mischief To The Episode

How many of the Gang's appalling storylines can you remember?

It's Always Sunny Dee

When one considers that a man who is most likely a serial killer and another who once ripped chunks out of a mall Santa with his teeth aren't even the most depraved individuals in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's infamous Gang, it shouldn't come as a shock that some of the narratives involving said Gang have left audiences unsure as to whether they should be booking in for counselling session as soon as possible or howling with laughter.

It speaks volumes to the production quality of It's Always Sunny that the show is known for inducing the latter as opposed to traumatised weeping considering the absolutely horrifying nature of some of the storylines involving the Gang over the series' run. Case in point? The list of degenerate acts involving television's favourite worst people in the world is so extensive that serving a bar full of underage kids alcohol, terrorising the locals while dressed as police officers and holding a fundraiser for a woman faking cancer don't even make it onto this quiz.

You have been warned, this may bring back some deeply disturbing memories. But don't feel bad for laughing at them, you definitely won't be the first.

1. Making A Stripper Accidentally Commit Incest.


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