It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Match The Gang's Scam To The Episode

From the people who brought you Fight Milk, Kitten Mittens and Wolf Cola.

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Say what you will about the Gang's sociopathic tendencies and complete disregard for anyone besides themselves, you can't fault their entrepreneurial spirit. Sadly, their work ethic does not match their propensity for devious schemes.

The Gang are allergic to honest work. On the rare occasion they get their act together long enough to secure a job outside of Paddy's, they somehow invariably torpedo their new positions through their endless shenanigans. Seriously, how does a school janitor whose only responsibility is to clean the school, manage to get himself fired by influencing a pupil to attend class wearing blackface?

Rather than trying to earn a living from their squalid bar, every episode usually features at least one increasingly ridiculous scheme to separate the American public from their cash, usually ending in comical disaster. That being said, the Gang have successfully pulled off a few of their farcical plans over the years.

The lesson to be learned? When one ludicrous strategy fails, just keep trying. Eventually somebody will pay you to wear tuxedos and do door-to-door garbage deliveries. Plus, all you have to do to secure welfare is get addicted to crack.

How many of the Gang's more asinine endeavours can you remember?

Answers at the end!

1. Pitching Fight Milk To An Executive Board Meeting


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