It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Rickety Cricket - Is It A Lie?

"No one is taking me from behind - unless you have crack. If you have crack, let's boogie."

It's Always Sunny Cricket

Matthew Mara's long running character arc could be summed up with a typical whimsical It's Always Sunny's title; The Gang Breaks A Priest.

What remains of Rickety Cricket serves as a hilariously twisted version of the Gang's version of the portrait of Dorian Gray. No matter how appalling or sociopathic an exploit the Gang manage to pull off, if Cricket is involved, audiences can be sure that he will be the unfortunate character who bears the brunt of the result of the Gang's antics.

Cricket may possess a masters degree in Theology but that hasn't helped him one lick. The man formerly known as Matthew Mara has had his legs broken, been used as axe/revolver target practice and locked in a burning apartment building, all courtesy of the proprietors of Paddy's Pub. The hilarious thing is that despite the fact that Cricket barely even resembles a human being anymore, the Gang are absolutely oblivious to the level of their culpability for his current predicament; Dennis goes as far as to suggest that Cricket was actually born in this state and the others are bemused as to why the former priest might have "beef" with them.

As such, it's exceedingly difficult to to keep a firm grip on reality when faced with such a sidesplittingly unfortunate character. Can you separate the lies about Cricket from the true version of events?

1. Cricket Is Impaled With A Kitchen Knife Thrown By Liam McPoyle.


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