It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: The Impossible McPoyle Family Quiz

No-one messes with the McPoyles.

It's Always Sunny

Far and away the most hilariously disgusting example of a family to hit television screens, the McPoyles stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. This is hardly surprising when one considers the fact that the family hasn't "bred outside the bloodline" for a thousand years.

Featuring siblings who take their showers together when they're not too busy stabbing each other, their terrifyingly thick monobrows or a predilection for flesh-coloured eye patches, the McPoyles are as nauseatingly horrific as they are comedic gold.

Whether they be taking the Gang hostage, battling it out with them in the courts or hurling hatchets at their dinner guests, the McPoyles have featured in some of the more memorable episodes of It's Always Sunny, bringing howls of laughter and audible groans of disgust in equal proportions every time the incestuous, bath-robe sporting family appears on screen.

So you want to be a McPoyle, trash-bag? You've gotta earn that the hard way. How much can you remember about America's most hysterically revolting family? Let's find out!

1. What Kind Of Store Do The McPoyles Purchase Due To It Being An "Emerging Market"?


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