It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: What Was My First Episode?

When did these guys rock up to Paddy's?

It's Always Sunny Frank

The cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia are a ragtag group of miscreants who make sitcoms like Friends or The Big Bang Theory look like Cbeebies. Unlike other shows that ground themselves in goofy wholesomeness, Always Sunny is a cesspool of debauchery and foul language, and this has led to the show attaining cult status.

Every face in the line-up has something unique, whether they're recurring figures or simple one-off parts. The show's grittiness can be seen in every new character, as they have one the wildest supporting casts in all of TV. However while many of these characters have become iconic parts of the show, they weren't all there from the beginning.

Always Sunny has run for a whopping 15 seasons and shows no signs of slowing down, meaning the early days are a far distant memory. Thanks to this, it becomes a big old challenge to recall when some of the most popular side roles made their debuts. Still if you're a real connoisseur of Paddy's Pub, then you might be able to prove the haters wrong and score 100% on this quiz.

1. Liam McPoyle


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