It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Who Are These Side Characters?

Do you know your Crickets from you Snails?

It's Always Sunny

The cult hit sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia started in 2005 and follows a group of generally awful people as they run a bar and get into all sorts of trouble. Currently holding the record for longest running live-action American sitcom, the raunchy comedy has aired 15 seasons with more on the way.

Within the group of criminals are the twins Dennis and Dee Reynolds, their father Frank, and their two friends Mac and Charlie. Aside from the core five menaces, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has a large cast of misfits to laugh at.

Since the very beginning, the gang have systematically ruined the lives of many. Some deserving this fate, such as the McPoyles, and some not so much, like the innocent priest Cricket. Other characters such as Artemis are arguably just as bad as the core gang, which only adds to the hilarity of the show when chaos is in full swing.

Generally though, the gang find a way to leave their mark on everybody they encounter. With 15 seasons and countless storylines, can you name the following side characters from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

1. Who Is This?


A grown up... allegedly