It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Who Did It - Charlie Or Mac?

Which of the two maniacs did it?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Mac Fight Milk

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia started in 2005 and has 15 seasons under its belt, making it the longest running live-action American sitcom to date.

The raunchy comedy follows a group of five misfits who run a bar together, all with varying degrees of biological relationships.

Charlie Kelly, played by Charlie Day, is the wildcard maniac with very few brain cells. He always manages to get himself into tricky situations, a lot of which illegal. Often stated the funniest character, Charlie has certainly had some of the greatest moments in the show's history.

Mac, otherwise known as Ronald McDonald, played by Rob McElhenney, is the slightly less psychotic member of the gang, with all sorts of other trouble surrounding him. The character eventually comes out as gay after 12 seasons of pretending he's not. He also has a father in prison who he has a bizarre relationship with.

Across 15 seasons of crazy adventures, Charlie and Mac have gotten up to some unforgettable mishaps, can you identify which of the two did the following things?

Only a true fan will get 100%

1. Who Made Kitten Mittens?


A grown up... allegedly