It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Who Did It - Dennis, Mac Or Charlie?

The Golden God, Ronald McDonald or the King of the Rats?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It's remarkable how three people so utterly different from one another have the same propensity for asinine behavior.

Dennis Reynolds is quite clearly a serial murderer. The implication - if you will - has been there ever since the narcissistic Golden God debuted along with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Dennis has not helped himself with his psychotic outbursts regarding his collection of skin luggage and his paramount need to "have his tools".

Meanwhile, Paddy's self proclaimed Head of Security, Ronald "Mac" McDonald spends his days alternating between forcing Catholicism on others while being in complete denial of his own blatant homosexuality for years, eating so much that he gives himself "diabetes" and coming up with delightful contraptions like the charmingly named Ass Blaster 4000.

Finally we have Charlie Kelly. Despite being - by far - the majority shareholder in Paddy's Pub, the man with a habit of huffing inhalants and drinking paint finds himself relegated to the role of janitor, where his responsibilities revolve around bashing rats, replacing the urinal cakes with rocks and burning trash in the furnace.

And yet, by some miracle of evolution, these three are just as hilariously stupid and selfish as each other. Can you remember the proud owner of some of their ridiculous exploits?

Answers at the end!

1. Searched For Honey In A Hornet's Nest


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