It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Who Said It, Mac Or Dennis?

You’ll do this quiz, because of the implication…

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia holds the record for the longest running live-action American sitcom, with its 15th season airing this year. With that many seasons, there are a whole host of memorable characters as well as quotable moments.

The now Disney owned show has taken its characters on some pretty wild adventures, both in the bar they own, and across the weird and wonderful world of Philadelphia. They cause havoc everywhere they go. From zoos to waterparks, they have taken us on some interesting expeditions over the years.

Characters such as Frank, Charlie, and Dee all have iconic lines, but due to their unique characters, their quotes are fairly easy to recognise. Dennis and Mac however, are a little more difficult to distinguish. As these characters are very similar, often the things they do and the things say are quite similar.

With 15 seasons worth of dialogue, and two characters to choose from, can you guess who said the following lines from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? Was it Mac or was it Dennis?

Answers at the end!

1. "Science Is A Liar Sometimes."


A grown up... allegedly