It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Which Member Of The Gang Did It?

Here's a hint, it wasn't Pepe Silvia!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

When you sit down to watch a sitcom, you're typically searching for a light-hearted escape with a friendly bunch of characters. It's one of modern day's greatest delights to let the trappings of everyday life fade away for a bit, as you see some relatable people doing their best at life. But, if you go to the classic sitcom It's Always Sunny looking for that kind of release, then you're in for a shock.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the perfect anti-sitcom, and part of what makes that work so well is the leading cast. The gang are a ragtag group of scoundrels who do and say some pretty awful things, the kind of stuff that'd make you want to steer clear of them in real life.

But, Always Sunny isn't real life, it's a deliciously grotesque comedy that pokes fun at the genre's tropes, and the awful deeds of these bar owners are part of that appeal.

Throughout their 15 seasons of life, the gang have committed a litany of shocking crimes, so much so that it becomes hard to remember who did it.

So, are you a Paddy's expert? Let's find out!

1. Played The Nightman In "The Nightman Cometh".


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