It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Which Supporting Character Said It?

How well do you know the colourful cast of supporting characters of Always Sunny?

It's Always Sunny

It's not unusual for a sitcom to follow a group of close-knit friends or co-workers, as we follow their antics and troubling predicaments they find themselves in. Most of the time, these groups are good-hearted people trying to find their place in the world, while keeping each other's best interests at heart.

If you've ever watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia you'll know that's not the case in this instance. While it does follow a group of co-workers struggling to operate a dive bar in South Philly, to call them friends is a bit of a stretch.

Each member of the gang is more cynical than the last, and they constantly try to undermine and scheme against one another in order to fulfil their own selfish needs. This egotistical attitude often spills in to the lives of anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with the gang. and leaves them worse off than before they had met them.

The supporting cast of characters in Always Sunny are so unique and memorable, and part of what makes the show such a phenomenon. But the question is, can you remember who said what?

Let's find out!

1. "Ryan, Stab Somebody!"


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