It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: You'll Never Get 100% On This Dee Reynolds Quiz!

Even the biggest Always Sunny fanatics won't get every question about our favourite bird right!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Dee Reynolds

There are some friend groups where everybody's equal. Where nobody is made to feel like they don't belong or that their feelings aren't as valid. These groups pick their friends up when they're down and encourage them to soar to incredible new heights.

The Gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not this friend group. They routinely belittle, insult and physically assault one another. And none of them is the butt of the joke more frequently than Deandra "Dee" Reynolds.

She gets called a bird every time she opens her mouth, every car she buys get destroyed and she generally gets treated like total dirt by everyone else. Even worse is that two of her biggest tormentors are her own twin brother and father. Or, at least, the man that she believed was her father for her entire childhood.

But despite what others might say, there is a lot to know about Dee and her inner life. So how much can you remember about her?

Take this quiz to find out whether you know more about Paddy's resident punching bag than even Rickety Cricket or whether you're nothing more than a bird-brained idiot.

1. In 'Sweet Dee Gets Audited', What Does The Licence Plate On Dee's Scooter's Say?


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