It's Always Sunny Or Community Quiz: Who Said It - Dennis Reynolds Or Jeff Winger?!

Which textbook narcissist said it?!

Who said it? Dennis Reynolds or Jeff Winger
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Whether you walk into a bar, a community college, or any other public establishment for that matter, the chances are you're going to run into someone who thinks way too highly of themselves. That's what makes characters like this work so well.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Community are two shows that don't have much in common. One presents a super gritty and dirty look at comedy, and the other is a bright, fourth-wall-breaking exploration in breaking the genre. Despite that, one thing they do share is leading characters who Britta Perry would label as narcissists.

Both of these men are naturally cool, confident and eye-catching. But, they're fully aware of this, meaning they have egos the size of football pitches. This has led to the pair busting out some incredibly unique and hilarious dialogue, but if you don't know them too well, these quotes might get lost in translation between them.

So, let's see if you can sort the bar proprietor from the former lawyer, the Day Man from the Wing Man, the alcoholic from the, well, actually, they're both alcoholics.

1. "With All Due Respect… Which Is None… Go To Hell!"


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