Jason Isaacs Joins NBC Thriller Pilot REM

British actor Jason Isaacs (Black Hawk Down, Harry Potter) is returning to television to headline a pilot for NBC called REM; a thriller about a cop who wakes up after an accident to find himself living in two different realities. Life On Mars with a parallel dimension replacing time travel? REM is created by writer-producer Kyle Killen (whose critically-adored drama Lone Star was cancelled after two episodes last year), with Howard Gordon (24) executive-producing alongsode Isaacs himself. Isaacs is said to have chosen REM from a half-dozen TV pilot scripts pushed his way this year, as he's considered a hot talent since leaving the Showtime drama Brotherhood in 2008. The in-demand actor has also agreed to star in the Fox legal drama Pleading Guilty (based on the 1993 Scott Turow novel about a lawyer assigned to locate a peer who has embezzled millions and disappeared) alongside M├Ądchen Amick and John Larroquette. It's unknown if Isaacs will have time to film both shows concurrently if REM gets picked up.
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