Jessica Jones: 8 Things We Need To See In Season 3

AKA the last Netflix Marvel series ever.


And then there was one.

With the recent culling of the last two Marvel shows, the third and final season of Jessica Jones has become the unwitting epilogue to Netflix's Marvel tenure. There is no doubt, then, that the importance of ending things on a high will not be lost on the show's writers and production team, even if that wasn't their initial game plan during last summer's filming.

But putting to one side the bigger picture, New York's one and only whiskey-swilling Alias Investigator has problems of her own. After the largely negative events of Season 2, there seems nothing left for Jessica than to follow that profound urge to do the right thing for the general public when and where it's called upon. But having lost virtually all of her friends and family in one respect or another, the future is looking anything but bright.

So with this series being the all-out endgame for Jessica Jones, what exactly can we expect? Will things turn out for the better or will they get a whole lot worse? Here are a few pointers of what we can hope to see.


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