Jessica Jones Season 3 Review: 4 Ups & 6 Downs

A flat finish for Marvel on Netflix.

Jessica Jones Season 3

And like that, Marvel on Netflix is over.

Jessica Jones' third season landed on streaming platforms this weekend, and signals the rather unceremonious end for The Defenders on the streaming platform, after Netflix cancelled Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist late last year and canned The Punisher and Jessica Jones this past February.

This third season was already deep into production when the spate of cancellations began, and the result is a season unburdened and unfussed by it - both for better and for worse.

If Jessica Jones has always boasted some of the most nuanced storytelling of the Netflix Marvel shows, it's a shame that season three suggests showrunner Melissa Rosenberg's heart wasn't really in it anymore, despite the fine efforts of a sprawling ensemble cast.

Pretty much all the usual Netflix Marvel issues are here, in addition to a few Jessica Jones-specific flaws, and though there are definitely inspired moments throughout, this is unfortunately a certain franchise-low.

Sure, it's nowhere near the exasperating failure of Iron First's first season, but given the talent involved, Jones' third go-around just feels like any other ordinary, half-way watchable superhero season...


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