Johnny Depp To Appear In New Ricky Gervais Sitcom, David Brent Returns In Steve Carell's THE OFFICE Finale

Apparently Johnny Depp was among the small percentage of Hollywood personalities who didn't leave Ricky Gervais' hosting of the Golden Globes ceremony sharpening his pitch fork and spewing forth bile, as it has been announced by Gervais himself that the Pirates of the Caribbean star will appear in his upcoming BBC2/HBO sitcom Life's Too Short. The comedian's acerbic wit incited polarizing opinions throughout the blogosphere following the awards show, with his lambasting of Depp/Jolie vehicle The Tourist in particular finding itself the subject of tabloid gossip. Presumably, then, tomorrow mornings headlines shall be along the lines of "DEPP DISPLAYS ABILITY TO LAUGH AT SELF SHOCKER!", because the A-Lister appears to be displaying a degree of humility, something that we clearly do not think we deserve of our movie stars. Gervais reacted to the rumours concerning Depp's and US comedian Jerry Seinfeld's involvement with the new sitcom via his blog (via The Guardian), stating "The Depp bit is true. The Seinfeld bit isn't." Ah well, you can't win 'em all, eh Rick? Life's Too Short, co-written by Gervais' frequent partner-in-crime Stephen Merchant, follows Warwick Davis on his venture to run a talent agency for other dwarfs. Davis, who has also made a memorable appearance in Extras, shall be playing an egomaniacal, fictionalised version of himself in the sitcom, which is already looking likely to continue Gervais' trend of near-the-knuckle, satirical television. No word yet on the series premiere, but it won't be too long 'til he graces your TV screens in some form or another; he also used his blog to confirm that he and Will Arnett will guest star in Steve Carell's final episode of The Office.

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