Johnny Lee Miller is Sherlock Holmes in CBS Pilot Elementary

Will play the super sleuth detective in US TV's rip-off of BBC's Sherlock that transforms the Baker Street genius to New York.

Johnny Lee Miller will play Sherlock Holmes in the CBS TV Studios pilot Elementary, a U.S. rip-off of the BBC series Sherlock that updates the super sleuth detective to a modern day setting. Though this time instead of London it's a contemporary New York. The former Eli Stone and Trainspotting star is British (which at least will pour cold water on some of the boiling fury from those who were expecting an American 'Who') most recently, in great irony, starred in Danny Boyle's recent stage production of Frankenstein opposite co-lead Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Holmes in the BBC version. Veteran €˜Medium€™ writer Robert Doherty will scribe the show based on Arthur Conan Doyle's creation and oversee the development as executive producer. Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly will also produce. These are the folks behind CBS€™s current shows €œA Gifted Man€ and €œUnforgettable.€ Nobody who worked on the BBC show will have anything to do with this version. The hunt is now on for a sidekick who could play Dr. Watson. source - deadline
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