Jon Bernthal Returning For The Walking Dead Season 9

Here comes the Shane.

Shane The Walking Dead

Season 9 of The Walking Dead might be bidding farewell to Andrew Lincoln, but it's welcoming back another familiar face before that happens.

As first rumoured after the actor was spotted on set, and now confirmed by TV Line's sources, Jon Bernthal is making a return to the show as Shane for one episode in Season 9.

Bernthal played Shane as a series regular across Seasons 1 and 2, and made a brief appearance in Season 3 as a vision of Rick's. And with the character coming back for Rick's final season, it's almost certain that it'll be a similar role here.


While we don't know exactly how Rick's send-off will go down, it seems fairly likely that he'll be having some visions of old friends, whether that's merely remembering them or a hallucination before dying, or perhaps in a series of flashbacks. Since Rick has read Carl's letter and is ready to begin a new world, it fits with where his character is at that he'd come to peace with what's happened in his life, including Shane's actions, before he leaves.

Are you excited to see Bernthal return? How do you think it'll go down? Let us know in the comments section below.


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