Joss Whedon Rumoured To Direct The Flash / Supergirl Musical Crossover Episode

Please let it be true.

Joss Whedon The Flash Supergirl
The CW/Wikimedia Commons

The Flash / Supergirl musical crossover episode was announced last week, much to the delight of anyone who has watched an episode of Glee or simply appreciates a bit of joy in their life.

Could the news get even more exciting? Well, yes, apparently it can, as a new rumour suggests just who may be directing the episode, and it's none other than Joss Whedon.

Word of Whedon directing comes from The Hashtag Show, who claim that the director is "locked" to helm the two-part crossover. At this stage it has to be taken with a large pinch of salt, but there's no denying Whedon would be a great choice. He's got experience working with superheroes, of course, after The Avengers, but more importantly is in familiar territory with musical episodes, after Buffy's superb Once More With Feeling, as well as directing an episode of Glee (albeit one that didn't feature Glee alumni Melissa Benoist or Grant Gustin).


Whedon has been taking something of a break since Avengers: Age of Ultron, and fans have been eager to see just what he'll do next. A return not only to the comic book world, but especially to directing TV shows, would be a very welcome indeed.

Hashtag Show also reports that the villain of the episode will be Music Meister, which makes perfect sense, since he can, y'know, cause his victims to sing and dance, which is the point of this episode.

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