Karl Pilkington's 11 Best Moanings Of Life Ever

“Kids are like farts in that way. They never seem to bother the owner as much as they bother everyone else.”

Karl Pilkington is the supreme leader of normal-ness. It's almost impossible to believe one man's misery could prove to be so incredibly entertaining, and that one of the most genuinely hilarious men on television could also turn out to be the most frustrating human being since the world was nothing more than a misshapen rock. The Idiot Abroad star offers up the most down-to-Earth, relatable assessment of our planet and the people in it, despite being given the opportunity to single-handedly live out the dreams of every person in our corner of the solar system. Karl's hugely popular The Moaning Of Life series is finally back for a second season after its ludicrous debut run back in 2013, so what better time than to look back about some of the finest 'moanings' ever caught on film. The first season saw Karl jet across the globe to explore rich cultures and traditions, discover what being human really is all about, and primarily to pick faults with everything he meets along the way in the most British way possible. He trekked from Ghana to India, from Japan to Mexico, and the USA to South Africa among several other countries, and yes, he still managed to take his patented Karl 'enthusiasm' along for the ride...

11. The 'Ape S***' Baby

https://youtu.be/DywQ8hFvRoo?t=4m33s Whether you believe in the Karl Pilkington character or not, it goes without saying that him and babies probably don't mix. Episode 3 proved exactly that, as Karl was tasked with babysitting for a young couple in the middle of Indonesia. Plainly asking the South East Asian child if she 'Baa Baa Black Sheep have yer any wool? Have yer? Yes, I've got lots' in a gruff mancunian accent was never going to end well. A stressed-out Karl can't deal with the situation.

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