Keira Knightley to Voice Tinkerbell in Sky's PETER PAN Prequel

Our good chums over at Sky Movies HD are gearing up to deliver perhaps the finest TV movie you'll see all summer, in the shape of Peter Pan prequel Neverland. With an ensemble cast already boasting Charlie Row as Pan, Rhys Ifans as Captain Hook, Anna Friel as Captain Elizabeth Bonny and Bob Hoskins as Smee (a role he memorably portrayed in Spielberg's 1991 semi-hit Hook), director Nick Willing has now added leggy POTC swashbuckler Keira Knightley to the impressive line-up. Knightley will voice Tinkerbell, Pan's titular fairy sidekick, who meets Peter and and his fellow Dickensian street urchins after they are transported to the magical forests of Neverland. The press release also stated that the gang will bump into pirates, who happen to be denizens of the Caribbean, although it is unknown whether this encounter will lead to an awkward breaking of the fourth-wall and a few unsubtle winks from Knightley, to let us know we are all in on the hilarious joke. It probably will. A precursor to author J.M. Barrie's children's classic, Neverland is also being penned by Willing, and will make it onto your televisual box this Summer.
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