Kiefer Sutherland Returns to TV in New Drama TOUCH

It’s been over a year since Kiefer Sutherland hung up his gun and stopped single handedly saving the world the world as Jack Bauer in the groundbreaking series 24...

It€™s been over a year since Kiefer Sutherland hung up his gun and stopped single handedly saving the world the world as Jack Bauer in the groundbreaking series 24. Now he€™s back on the small screen in new drama Touch mixing family drama with science fiction. Touch centres on Martin Bohm (Sutherland), a single father raising his ten year old, autistic son Jake (David Mazouz) who has not spoken a single word in his whole entire life. However Jake€™s condition gives him the unique ability to see the world as a unified whole. He is able to see patterns and connections in seemingly random events, even predicting events before they happen. Danny Glover also stars as Professor Arthur DeWitt, an expert in young children with abilities like the ones Jake is displaying. It will be interesting to see Sutherland taking on a softer role. Returning in a new show following such an iconic and much loved role such as Jack Bauer is always going to be difficult as it€™s bound to draw comparisons with 24 and that€™s going to be a hard show to beat. He had this to say about the contrast between the two shows,
€œThe format for 24 was €˜Jack Bauer is gonna have a bad day€™. It€™s not that hard to catch up. This is a little more complicated than that€ It€™s the openness that this character provides for me that is what actually becomes challenging and very exciting.€
Created by Tim Kring the man behind Heroes it appears Touch will have a similar feel in the fact it mixes science-fiction with character driven plotlines. Kring had this to say about the shows intent,
€œIn a sea of content out there, how do you break out? How do you make people feel? That€™s the most important thing whether we challenge people intellectually or spiritually, I€™m interested in making people feel something. At the end of an hour, you€™ve had an emotional journey.€
See what you think and check out the trailer below. Watching the trailer, which actually feels like it belongs to a film, I€™m certainly interested and I€™ll definitely be tuning into the pilot, but that I think is mostly down to the fact Kiefer Sutherland is starring in it. It does feel very similar to Heroes; people with special abilities, destiny, predicting the future, stopping a catastrophe, remember €˜save the cheerleader, save the world€™? And the worry is that this series will not live up to its promise, much the same way Heroes pretty much went down hill following the first season. (Also it kind of reminds me of that awful Nicholas Cage film €˜The Knowing€™, where numbers are used to predict a future catastrophe.) FOX has picked up 13 episode€™s of Touch, which is expected to debut in spring of 2012. What do you think? Will you be watching Touch?
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