Latest Black Mirror Season 5 Posters Tease Explosive New Episodes

Could this be Netflix's best season yet?


Just one week away from its June 5th launch, the latest wave of Black Mirror episodes have received a brand new batch of posters hyping up the three imminent episodes. The first focuses on Miley Cyrus' instalment, titled 'Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too', and features the singer dressed up in a pink wig and silver costume as pop star Ashely, trapped inside the packaging of a store-bought doll.

It fits perfectly with the episode's premise, which chronicles a lonely teenager attempting to connect to her favourite artist, only to realise that fame and celebrity isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's ground that's been covered a little before (most recently in the Natalie Portman vehicle Vox Lux), but there'll no doubt be an added Black Mirror spin that cuts to the bone even more than the synopsis suggests. It's also the perfect role for Cyrus (who is admittedly a stellar actor), adding a genius art-imitating-life hook to the first episode.

Black Mirror Season 5 Miley Cyrus

The premise for episode 2, the shrouded-in-mystery 'Striking Vipers', details two college friends who meet up after some time apart, which sets into motion a series of events that could potentially change both of their lives (spoilers, this is Black Mirror, so it's almost certain to be for the worst). The trailer suggests that the plot has something to do with the temptations of online dating as well, which could explain the poster, which sees star Anthony Mackie looking forward while a partially obstructed blonde woman (potentially his wife, judging by the wedding ring) stares at him from the corner.

Black Mirror Season 5 Anthony Mackie

The poster for the final episode, unlike the others, teases an explosion of violence, showing two people in a car deserted in the middle of nowhere, with one man pointing a gun at the other. The Topher Grace and Andrew Scott starring instalment is titled 'Smithereens', about a cab driver whose day spirals out of control. It's pretty much a surefire bet this will be Black Mirror's send up of Uber, which seems like a target that's been long overdue an appearance in the series.

Black Mirror Season 5 Smithereens

All three of the posters are striking, and only create more mystery surrounding each of the three instalments, a bunch of which don't even have writers or directors officially confirmed yet. Fortunately, fans won't have to wait too long to see what all of these hidden meanings and implications actually mean for the episodes themselves, as all three drop on Netflix on June 5th.


Are you excited for Black Mirror Season 5? Let us know down in the comments.

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