LIFE'S TOO SHORT Preview Trailer: When Johnny Depp Met Ricky Gervais...

Depp is still pissed at what Gervais said at the Golden Globes!

As part of the media circus after Ricky Gervais' 'highly controversial' awards hosting stint at the Golden Globes earlier this year, several newspapers reported that Johnny Depp was angry at the Brit comedian for basically taking the piss on stage over how much a failure his latest vehicle The Tourist had been with critics and at the box office. Which was a ludicrous claim given that Depp was shown laughing at Gervais' jokes throughout the night but it made for a good story if nothing else. Of course soon after the Globes, Johnny Depp agreed to appear in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's new observational sitcom Life's Too Short, which finally silenced those who thought Depp's new number 1 Hollywood enemy was The Office creator! Debuting next month on the BBC, Life's Too Short is Gervais' first sitcom since Extras ended with a Christmas special four years ago and it centers around Warwick Davis, playing himself on a venture to run a talent agency for other dwarfs. Gervais described it best;
"A cross between Extras and Curb your Enthusiasm and One Foot in the Grave but with a dwarf. That is out and out funny... It€™s a single camera sitcom following the trials and tribulations of €˜Warwick Davis, showbiz dwarf.€™ Warwick is playing a twisted version of himself. He€™s quite conceited and arrogant and manipulative. And he runs a talent agency, which he does in real life. Me and Steve Merchant pop up as ourselves, just to add some realism. Warwick comes round and says, €˜Doing any more Extras? Got any work?€™ And we go, €˜Ooh, no, not really.€™ And we try to get rid of him."
As we've said Depp makes an Extras style cameo in the show and to promote this Gervais, Davis, Depp and Merchant have come up with this promo preview that is absolutely hilarious; The punch line still has me laughing! Life's Too Short begins airing 0n BBC 2 from 10th November 2011 in the UK with HBO showing it in the US next year.

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